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      Multi Accounting   08/03/17

      Multiple Accounts The staff of Cloudwards decided to make a final announcement. CEO   Members/Registred users who are in this group : Members & VPS owner Are not allowed to have more then one account. Members Group who will have more then one account, will be issued a permanent ban from discord and forums, along with deleteing their servers and OGP account. Till now all banned multi accounters were allowed to keep their servers. Members in VPS owner Group ,will have same consequesnces + will lose their VPS server. This is the last warring.   Sincerely, - The Cloudwards Staff S!r.ReaDy


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    Sorry but US location is currently unavailable, so you have been given a server on our FRANCE server with port 2984.
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    Madarchot tum sab ki gand marun salon Bhenchot doosron ki application accept ki lekin meri ek bhi nahi ki Haramzadoon Keerey parenge tumhari gand mein kuton ki aulaad 14 hrs pehle lanti ne 3 users ki app accept ki lekin meri ek bhi nahi time dekho mera haseeb ki post se milta julta hai lekin bharwe ne meri accept nahi ki chuttu cs 1.6 ki bhi app di hai usko bhi abhi tak kisi ne gand nahi lagai behnchoton
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    Please click here to apply for your server. Apply here Before applying, make sure to register on our OGP section. By applying, you automatically agree to our Terms of Service.