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  1. VPSs are down again

    Thanks.. now its working fine
  2. VPSs are down again

    not thinks so.. tried to use wget and got: this looks like no sufficient net able to reach..
  3. VPSs are down again

    Hello, Looks like the VPSs again started have connection time out (hardly any net at the VPSs). Any Idea why its happening and when it would be fixed up ? Thanks,
  4. Halo CE Server Application #3

    Any response ? Please don't iiignore it.
  5. Its their choice.. Do whatever you want to, but just by criticising by just one guy the whole community won't becomes bad..
  6. for a 8GB RAM VPS if you can't even do 25-20 posts then you might think that all Paid VPS provider are joking with you.
  7. Halo CE Server Application #3

    Any response ? Please don't ignore it.
  8. Post4VPS Forum is a Forum where Users can Get Different Varieties of Spec for Free of Cost. You just need to First do 25 Posts & $100 Credits(don't worry, its not real money, but its virtual money which you can earn by posting there.. the more qualitable post the more Credits you will get) at their Forum to become eligible for applying in the Giveaways of VPSs which happens every 2-4th of month. After getting a VPS.. you can keep if by just doing 20 posts/month their. Their Plans: More info about there Plans & other stuffs:
  9. Halo CE Server Application #3

    Any response ?
  10. VPS - Connection Timeout

    But it's still the same.. Connection timeout.
  11. Hello, Today I wasn't able to connect to my VPS, when I try to connect then I get - Connection Timeout Error. though I can able to use its VNC through the web panel. I guess its because the VPS is receiving very low Net speed..
  12. Now even my Singapore Halo CE game server is down.. None of my game servers are working.and it's been quite a while.
  13. add affiliate system on forum

    Would be nice.. Then we can able to see who had referred how much users/Contributed the community.
  14. Windows OS for VPSs

    He got what I mean