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  1. Samp Hosting Request

    Bump bruh?
  2. Cloudwards Policy

    I mean I never was interested in under-aged kids like you, perhaps you should've not bothered expressing your under-aged head here since this is an open discussion in the forum or suggestion anyway. I find it very under-aged from you to post this openly instead of talking with the staff in the private messages, just like many other under-aged kids like you do behind the scenes. Now excuse me and don't poke your under-aged head in this matter since you are not the one to decide, go back to your begging servers and write some scripts with your micro dick if you have one. I won't consider you anymore anyway. LOL, BTW YOU FUNNY!
  3. Cloudwards Policy

    AHAHAHAH. Shut your under-aged head if you're not sure what you're talking about. Thank you
  4. GTA III Server Application

    France is the way to go then.
  5. GTA III Server Application

    Pings will be good if your internet connection is close to the server location or your ISP has a good network routing. Performance of Cloudwards servers are good because they do not over-host like any other free hoster(oh wait, there are no any other free hosters) and they stay in their limits with the available hardware resources. So choose your server locations wisely.
  6. Thank you CloudWards

    Agreed. And this community needs some more people like you, than those under-aged kids that always whines and whines. Enjoy your FREE VPS and good luck with whatever you are hosting in it.
  7. TeamSpeak 3 New Application

    Yuck! Thought Coreyman was the right guy here, specially when he had the chance to shut down FreeDomainClub and still didn't because many will lose their "posted-to-host" VPSes. I don't know why he still chose to blame you calling you were the only one who had the main server login. Anyways, you know if you didn't do it right? Corey was sleep walking or something and deleted his files, who knows.
  8. Cloudwards Policy

    Aw yeah? Very original idea of course. You must be that random kid who always whines about "I know how to script" or luckily got like 5 players in the server after begging for days and start judging everyone else for having failed servers. The purpose of Cloudwards is to provide hosting for free without stupid limitations, they don't have a policy on how many servers you can order except for VPSes. It's like the Facebook of server hosting, everything is free for the mainstream. I personally have 3 servers including 2 CS 1.6 servers and 1 VPS and none of them have any players. And according to your "theory" should I shut down my server? Lol, you must be having a bad day and got your head all f***ed up or something. Get your head out of VC-MP and not everyone is using their VPS to host VC-MP servers or scripting. Now you would be asking what I'm even hosting for if there are no one playing in my servers? Because "I like it" and don't you like it? Damn kid it's about time to shut down your servers and start your own hosting company because don't fuck up anything here with that head. Wanna hear a smart suggestion? Make a click-to-renew system for servers with a re-captcha or something, and those who don't renew like once a week or something will get their servers removed.
  9. TeamSpeak 3 New Application

    Hello Abdul, long time no see but it's good at last you are here. Is that true that you took down the popular "post-to-host" community called "FreeDomain Club" with your admin login bro? Damn, such a disgrace to your reputation and trust that you have built upon FreeVPS forum. And btw, where is your "pay-to-host" company called AlphaHost? Is it dead?
  10. Spamming won't help you, and the staff is not stupid to not look back and review all the applications that has been posted in the past, other than bumped applications.
  11. No need to have that "[Cloudwards Hosting]" tag in your server name because Cloudwards don't force you to do any stupid things like that. If you are doing it just because you want to, then uh, it's completely okay. Or maybe you thought that tag would give you some attention from the staff? Nice try. First get your server application accepted. You are posting the link to your script like the server application has been already accepted. Nice try again. The amount of trickery in this post is so damn high and I appreciate your attempt.
  12. No need to show up in everyone's thread and post "accept this" and "accept that" because it will be accepted only if the owners want and not according to the number of replies it has, and this goes to your other friend too. There is also something called "Personal Messages" so that would be better. It's not like a bunch of kids can show up here and ask for servers because the server resources are limited, and the usage should be balanced. Otherwise it will be a lagging hell and everyone will regret that they even apply for a server here. I myself have waited a considerable amount of time to get my server requests accepted, and was a bit lucky because I joined here a bit early when there were not too many requests coming. Right now I have 2 gaming servers and 1 full VPS from Cloudwards, yeah that's right for "FREE". And use the word "Please" next time because I personally don't like your attitude. If I were running Cloudwards I would ban you straight up, no joke. Never ever take advantage of these people because they probably won't post what I have just posted, because that would give them a bad image or something I don't know. There were also a kid called Rouke with the same attitude as your's, spreading shit all over the forum expecting things to change and the only things he got successfully was a ban, so good luck with your journey or whatever the hell it is.
  13. CS 1.6 server Server Application

  14. Delete Account

    Sorry bro! I can't. OK bro! Good luck and I hope you get your server back.