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  1. New form submission for Vice City: Multiplayer Server name: DM Server OGP username: KrlozZ... Port: 6666 Player count: 50 Server location: France
  2. What's Happening(?)

    well idk why its happening, i have tested on my laptop and pc and the same thing, in many browser, but it still not work can someone tell me what's happening with panel, i can access only to my user it happened like 3 days ago too, and today again ,-.,
  3. Slot Request.

    hey (?)
  4. Slot Request.

    Username: KrlozZ Server type: VCMP
  5. Slot Request.

    Hellow, i should like you change my server slot to 100, i have changed my server name, now its Anime's World Server, if you guys can do this i will be thankful as always Have nice day.
  6. What are you currently playing?

    lal ._. -vcmp -pokemon - Piano Tiles -SCHOOLDAYS (an ero game :v) -Counter Strike 1.6 that's all .-.
  7. What Laptop Do You Have?

    HP Pavilion 17 Notebook, Windows 10. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz , 4GB RAM. Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 , 2GB Display Memory. 1TB Intern Memory .-. But i have play on the laptop .-. i play on my pc ;v
  8. onscriptload failed to execute

    it's solved. Thank you!.
  9. onscriptload failed to execute

    Well i have deleted the things which i made and it still did not worked. the line of the error is this: QuerySQL( pdb, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Properties ( Name TEXT, PX FLOAT, PY FLOAT, PZ FLOAT, Owner VARCHAR(32), Sharer VARCHAR(32), Price NUMERIC, PropertyID INT, Salary2 NUMERIC)" ); but i have changed it to line 129, but it still telling me the error is in line 128. there is other database like this, can u tell me if its old or something, i really dont know what to do, cz it dont say the real line error. I have checked too if i have some things from rel003 and i have not, i just added some minigames and parachute system from here: i have deleted both but it still not work.
  10. Cloudwards Android App!

    404 .-. not found
  11. I know it's better ask this things in vcmp forums, but i had tested my server on my computer and it works, it just give me this error on the host, i really don't know why, after some updates i have uploaded my main.nut and have restarted the server, and it did not execute the onscriptload or something like that, i have search it anywhere and did not found something, just an old topic on vcmp forums, but it did not helped me. I can run it on my pc and it works fine, but if i launch it on the host it gives me this error: have stopped the server for while. Help please.
  12. Change Location

    Hello, I should like to you guys change my host location to france. Thank You!.
  13. Request

    Hey guys, thank you for provide me my own host, i should like to change my Port, because when i add it to my favorite list it get back to 10 port, i tried to test it with other port and it stay on the favorite list, so port 6666 is bugged as i see, so i want you guys change it to port 2580, if you guys can do that i will be thankful with you. If it delete something, please tell me before change, so i will make a backup to all, but if you can change it without delete anything then do it. Thanks!
  14. Server name: KrlServ OGP username: KrlozZ Port: 6666 Player count: 30 Server location (France [preferred] | US): I should like test USA For now.