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  1. Maintance

    EDIT : Forum updated!
  2. Maintance

    Hello, An update is on the way . We're upgrading our forums to IPB4.2 which comes with some awesome new things. I won't go into to much detail but if you want you can go HERE to find out more. However some important features... A new totally unique Reactions System which is cool AF. Clubs: We have clubs now. Not really sure on what they are used for or how they are good but you can find them under the Browse menu. You can make your own clubs (like, micro communities or some sh*t. You can ask me and I'll enable it so you can have a private posting place and stuff ) if you so wish and if I feel like it doesn't seem too stupid then I'll approve it and you can invite all of bestest best friends and keep feeling like you have some kind of life... Wait... am I doing that thing where I talk about myself again... I mean, yeah, clubs are cool. Give me some suggestions and I can set a few clubs up to see what we can use them for... Better than just keeping it turned off. We will also have a new "Porter" system, will let you know about it at a later time It will take some hours so.. In the mean time, enjoy the Cloudwards power...
  3. Available?

    Sadly no.
  4. OS, Browser and IP Detection System

    @RazaCharan @RazaCharan This was implemented from the very beginning Not to see which browser they use, but as @AmirGT said, to prevent rule-breakers.
  5. Multi accounting

    - Hello, During last months, there were a lot of people who had many accounts. First, we didn't take actions, but now its time as it has gone on the wrong way. Here is the list of banned people with multi accounts, each row new person: (each tag represents another account) * @RazaCharan @GoDFaTheR @ReBorN @Noobie420 * @Trex @shahidalihacker420 @n1ghtm4re * @Melissa @StarAlliance * @FawkeS @ngocson389 * @Robert @213 @231 * @Legend @Legend_Ayyildiz @Yankee5231 @ozdemiromer999 @316 * @Shadow.Of.Death @K.D.M * @GamerViceCity @Diamond @ Cloudward @[Tkd]MarineForce @haxerx @wasted @ThekilledDead @Vice Multi Dogs @Rysani - NOTE 1 * @Nate @Dawson * @Malik @V!RUS * @trainer @rempit @managoing @muhd * @SniKz @[SPK_T]SniKz @zSniKz * @Temon @Ninja @Abdullah * @Bro @Khairul * @mr.pro @AssAssIN * @Masker @Qu3eN @Qu3eN# @Qu3eN#[D) * @Rouke @161 * @Scott Elliot @V!P3R * @Gold @Happymint2 Note 1 * That person used 8 accounts, and made a fake account of one of our staff members, who's real name is @Diamond @ Cloudwards and NOT @Diamond @ Cloudward All these members will get their account banned from OGP and Forums along with VPS servers deleted if present. We made an announcement regarding it. If you closed it without reading,make sure to read it here : Multi Accounting ! Have a great day! - Cloudwards Staff
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