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At AlphaHost we provide you absolutely free game servers and free shared web hosting packages for life. We also provide paid game servers and paid shared hosting packages as it is a free related services section i will be posting a free service of course. Alpha Host started in October'2016 and still running great. We stopped free game servers for a time period due to maximum usage of our services! but now we have got our new VPS servers we will host more server than ever! In return we only ask you to do 12 monthly post on our forum. 

Today i will be showing you what i'm providing to everyone.

Free Shared Hosting Package [12POSTPERMONTH]

  • 1GB Disk Space. Can be increased till 5GB
  • 10 SQL Database.
  • 50 GB Bandwidth.
  • cPanel.
  • 5 Addon/Sub-Domains.
  • 10 Email Adreesses.

And you may know the other things! 

For this package you need to follow the steps.

  • Minimum 12 post is required on forums.
  • 0% Warning Percentage. 
  • After completing the minimum requirements you can easily request the Shared Hosting Package in this section by using this Format. Note write your reason clearly, Request without a proper reason are ignored. Our moderators decide whether to give you the account or not.



  • 32 Slot for MTA:SA
  • 32 Slot for SAMP.
  • 16-32 Slot for Counter Strike 1.6
  • Unlimited Disk Space usage 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • 2 Locations [US , France]
  • Lag free.
  • Game Panel and SQL Database Included.

Requirements :

  • Minimum 12 post is required on forums.
  • 0% Warning Percentage.
  • After completing these requirements , You can easily request any game server in this Section  by using this format. Reason is not required everybody knows why you want game server obviously for playing.After getting the server you have to do 15 post monthly. 


Forum : Click here to redirect to forum.
Billing Panel : Click here to redirect to Billing Panel.

Looking to donate few penny? Just pm me, Even a dollar or penny will help us in development of the company. 
I know there are few things which are not perfect on the forums, I'm looking for more suggestions and reviews so i can make my forum better!
If you have any good ideas for the forums please suggest me. It will help us alot.

Note : Before commenting that it's a FreeVPS theme, Please this is a free theme called "MyBBPro". For the user legend code, I searched on forums and got a tutorial how to create a user group legend without plugins. 
I would also like to thank @NoUptime. @sagnik @rpark @arsalahmed786 for providing the facilities or managing them.

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