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Solving 'sudo: unable to resolve host *'

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You might face an error while using sudo:

sudo: unable to resolve host {your host}

This is caused by your hostname not resolving.


To solve this, follow the instructions below:


1. Find your hostname

You'll need to find out your hostname to configure it. To find it, enter this command:

hostname -f

Its output is your fully qualified hostname.


2. Add it to your hosts file

You'll have to open your hosts file for this step. Enter this command:

nano /etc/hosts

If you get 'nano: command not found', type this command to install it (if you're on Debian or any of its deriatives):

apt-get -y install nano


You should be in a prompt that looks like this:


(Move the cursor to the top left of the file if it isn't already there.)

Add these lines at the top of the file, replacing '{your host}' with the hostname you found in step 1:

::1		{your host}	{your host}


3. Save your hosts file

Press ^X (CTRL+X), release it, press Y and finally press enter.


4. Reboot your system

Enter the following command to reboot your system:



5.  Reconnect

After a few moments, try connecting to your server. If it doesn't connect, try again after a few more moments. You should now be able to use sudo without any problems.

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