• Cloudwards - Terms of Service

    Please read This Agreement carefully. It defines Your rights while You are using Our services.

    1. Introduction
    This Agreement is a legal, binding contract between You and Cloudwards Incorporated. By using Our services, you automatically agree to these Terms.

    2. Intellectual rights
    You are granted a license to Our website. The license may vary depending on which portion of Our website you are in, and We may or may not own the copyright to these portions.
    By uploading content on Our Forum, you grant Us and Our Clients a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to view, download, modify and redistribute that content.
    You may not violate any third-party's rights. Cloudwards Incorporated reserves the right to remove Your content with or without prior notice.

    3. Definitions
    All terms in This Agreement starting with an uppercase letter listed below must be defined as followed:
    -'This Agreement' shall refer to the Terms of Service of Cloudwards Incorporated.
    -'We', 'Us', 'Our' and 'Cloudwards' shall refer to Cloudwards Incorporated and its operators.
    -'You', 'Your' and 'Clients' shall mean the user(s) of a service.

    4. Restrictions
    This Agreement explicitly restricts you from the following acts:
    -You may not intentionally attempt to access unauthorized files on Our servers without prior permission from a CEO.
    -You may not intentionally attempt to take down Our servers or services.
    -You may not intentionally attempt to use Our services to violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    -You may not intentionally attempt to use Our services to support the violation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights.
    -You may not create multiple accounts for your usage. If You share an IP address with someone else, We may contact You. Please don't feel offended and answer Our questions honestly.
    -You may not use vulgar, offensive or otherwise obscene names. -You may not use nude or otherwise lascivious avatars in your profile or your signature.

    5. Cookies
    By using Our website, You consent to the usage of cookies. Cookies are small files placed on Your computer to improve Your experience.

    6. No warranties
    Our services are provided 'as-is' without any warranties. We do not hold any liability whatsoever to any harm caused by Our services. Additionally, You agree to indemnify Cloudwards Incorporated completely from any liabilities arising from Your use of Our services.
    This section shall survive the termination of This Agreement.

    7. Alteration
    We reserve the right to alter This Agreement fully or in part. You automatically agree to the new terms once updated.

    8. Revocability
    We may revoke This Agreement and Our services when We wish, with or without prior notice. You may also revoke This Agreement by unsubscribing from Our services.

    9. Interpretation
    This Agreement must be interpreted in accordance with the US Federal Law.